Old mysterious Scandinavian folklore story books from Marja Leenas past

A Journey Into The Wild, Wondrous World Of Scandinavian Folklore That Shaped Marja-Leena's Childhood!

This week, we’ll explore some of the ancient forests and majestic mountains that have inspired Scandinavian legends, stories, and customs for generations. We’ll uncover some of the most celebrated spiritual Scandinavian folklore figures that have shaped Marja-Leena's upbringing and imagination.

The Enigmatic Huldra and the secrets of the forest maidens

Venture deep into Scandinavia's lush woodlands and encounter the mysterious Huldra, the captivating forest maids of folklore. Different regions of the region have various names for the Huldra, although they are all mythical maidens of the forest with an inviting disposition who are chiefly known for capturing the hearts of mortals, never to be seen again.



Trolls The Mischief-Makers of the Mountains

Scale the peaks of Scandinavian mountains to encounter trolls. Some are giants often living in mountains and forests. Others are short, rounder and live underground in caves. Some trolls can even shape-shift. They are connected to nature so will always be out in the wilderness, they are often reclusive, live alone or live in small groups. Folklore trolls are usually up to mischief, but there are always exceptions, with some being helpful to humans - usually expecting a reward.



Bergakungen - The King of the Mountains

Bergakungen is a mythical mountain monster from Norse folklore. It could be either male or female, living among family and trolls. This creature had a habit of luring and trapping any unsuspecting wanderers who ventured into its mountainous domain.

The Legend of Yggdrasil - The World Tree and Its Cosmic Connections

Unearth the ancient Norse mythology surrounding Yggdrasil. The mighty World Tree, binds gods, humans, and creatures in Norse mythology. It extends to the heavens and shades Valhalla. Its trunk passes through 3 realms with 3 roots reaching to the Underworld, watered by 3 wells. Urda (Past), Verdandi (Present), and Skuld (Future) tend Urdarbrunnr. An eagle atop the tree, Vedrfolnir, oversees with pride. Dragon Nidhogg gnaws the roots, thwarted by Ratatoskr, the mischievous squirrel.

The Tree of Life


The characters and worlds of Scandinavian folklore uncovered here offer us a glimpse into Marja-Leena’s imaginative world, where nature intertwines with the mystical.

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  Luna Tree by Marja Leena

Luna Tree


One Basket Only by Marja Leena

One basket only mounted print

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